Use Prefixr in your Favorite Code Editor

Command Line / Terminal

Refer here for command line usage.


Brett Terpstra created an OSX service for using Prefixr. It works quite well, and is a cinch to install.

Sublime Text 2

Created by Will Bond, learn how to use the extension here. If you install Package Control, setting up Prefixr is a cinch. Just make sure that you restart the editor after installation.

To use it, select a full CSS rule, and type Control + Command + x.


Create a new command, and paste in:

curl -sSd "css=$TM_SELECTED_TEXT" ""
TextMate Screenshot

Now, select your stylesheet, and type the shortcut that you assigned. It will then be filtered through Prefixr, and dynamically updated.

Or let's say that you need a command that will run the selected CSS through Prefixr, and store the modified results in the clipboard. This will do the trick:

curl -sSd "&css=$TM_SELECTED_TEXT" "" | pbcopy


Created by onecrayon. To install, download with the button above, decompress the folder, and rename it Prefixr.sugar. Then double click to install in Espresso.

Or, to install with git, run the following commands in Terminal:

	cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Espresso/Sugars
	git clone git://


You can run this command by pulling up Alfred, and typing "css3 border-radius: 5px;". The various browser versions of border-radius will then be copied into your clipboard.


Refer here for a plugin, by Patrick Kontschak.

Phing (Build Script)

While Prefixr isn't yet available for download, you can still use it in your build scripts (Ant, Phing). Here's a sample Phing project to get you going.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="demo" default="prefixr">
	<property file="" />

	<target name="prefixr">
		<echo msg="Updating your stylesheet" />
		<php expression="file_get_contents('${css.min}')" returnProperty="css.stylesheet" />
		<exec command="curl -sSd css='${css.stylesheet}' >${css.min}" />


Ant (Build Tool)

Refer here for instructions on using Prefixr with Ant.